Friday, May 27, 2011


After playing World of Warcraft for years I have noticed that with every expansion there is always the same complaints being made by almost all players...Items they want are too expensive, they never have enough gold and they hate farming and daily quests. I have been been near gold cap since the Burning Crusade expansion and  I have shared my secrets with close friends, but now I have decided I will make these available for everyone.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of different ways to make over 1000g per hour and almost all of them are either class, profession or role specific. Eventually I will cover as many possible ways to make gold as I can but that will take time.

So lets just go ahead and jump right into the first way to make a ton of gold, this one is not too specific and anyone with decent dps gear, a potion of treasure finding and an hour to spare and hopefully some good luck.

I would also suggest downloading Titan Panel so you can view how much gold per session you have looted, right when you get to the farming area you are going to reset your current session. The real gold in this comes from looting cloth, volatiles, expensive items like epics are just a bonus.

The key to making lots of money off of this is finding a location that has a bunch of green mobs that are easy to kill and won't hurt you too much to cause downtime. I like to go into Mount Hyjal and head to (33,37).

The camp straight ahead has lots and lots of easy to kill and can be grouped up and AoEd down.

This way of earning gold is much more lucrative if you have the Tailoring profession as you will be killing lots of humanoids at this particular location and will be already making good money farming that cloth.

Good luck with this simple but effective way of getting some quick cash.


  1. Just did this myself today had a spare hour, walked away with 938g after auctions, not too bad at all, if you fly just under the coordinates above you will find a ogre cave/camp they can be rounded up really easy 7 or 8 at a time and aoe em down!

  2. I will pass that on to our Guild here!