Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Small Egg Farming

It's a little late in the Holiday Season to jump on this bandwagon but I thought it was still important to bring this easy money maker to everyones attention. You can lvl a new/low lvl character while farming too.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Funding End Game Guilds Part 1

Over the next few weeks I will be writing some gold tips to help lvl 90 guilds make money to pay for repairs, enchants and eventually anything anyone needs, all the newest BoEs, lvling professions etc. Here is the first part of the guide. Note that obviously every guild is different and some of these won't work with your group, but if you find the ones that do they add up quite fast and in a small time frame the amount of gold in your vaults won't even cross your mind.

Guild Lottery: However you decide to run this it should be a small enough amount that everyone on your roster buys in every week, but big enough that the prize is not too small, really advertise that half the gold is going to the guild, a decent price is somewhere between 500-1000g.

Guild Raffle: If you have a larger guild or a guild with a very active community (not just logging on for raids) or even a website that your guild is active on, you can raffle off a special ‘position’ whether it includes a in guild rank or not is up to you. For example you can run a week or month long special featuring a guild member on your guild site featuring some random facts (how long they played/been in guild, favourite raid include some screen shots of them and or whatever they want)If you do not have a player base that is interested in this you can select a few semi rare items sell lots of raffle tickets each with a number attached, do a roll the person who bought that number wins first pick, second pick etc. Vent channels also work good for this.

Guild Auction House: This requires 1 or 2 members with lots of time on their hands and the knowledge to make gold off the auction house. Give them access to the guild funds and tab or two, make it their job to buy and sell mats for the guild bank. Have them learn who can make what and send mats to craft items from guild members where there is no ‘tip’ associated with the cost and resell the final products. Even something as simple as having someone check every chance they get for below average price mats for flasks/ feasts/ potions every day will save a bit of money every day and gold saved every day adds up quickly. If your Guild Auctioneer is active and good he should be able to make more than enough to cover repair costs every day.

Sell Carries: If you are a pvp guild sell ratings carries, if you are a pve guild sell a raid slot MSV should be easy enough to 9man by now. As you progress and more content is released stay on top of the old content you have just mastered, sell runs that give mounts / titles, if you can sell a heroic mode kill you will get even more gold.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Selling Guilds

With the abundance of nearly every material in Mists of Pandaria it can be hard to make gold.  I am going to start updating more and I have made it easier to find my posts that are actually useful and not just me rambling. You can consider this the first gold making post of a new era.

This is going to list several ways that you can use ‘guilds’ to make money. For a guide on how to make an end game guild gold to cover repairs, feasts, gems, enchants, BoEs you are going to have to check back in a few days.

Selling Guilds:
When it comes to selling guilds you have 3 options all will become easier as you sell a few and build a solid rep on your server.  I will explain the pros and cons of each. Note that all guilds sell 10x better on higher population servers for obvious reasons.

Selling lvl 1 Guilds no Tabs.

Pros: Obviously there is very little to no cost associated with creating a level 1 guild, if you have multiple accounts or are on a high pop server you won’t have to pay for signatures. These you can sell lots of because there are always people making bankers and bank guilds, but sometimes it is a pain in the ass to take the time out of your life to get signatures for it, where you will get a lot of sales is from people making their 2nd and 3rd banker guilds, they have lots of money if they have need this much bank space, their time is more valuable than the 100g they are going to give you.

Cons: You will not get a lot of gold for these kinds of guilds 100-200g tops. You can only carry one guild at a time, it’s not as if you can fill a bag and head to trade chat and sell them all. Oh and they don’t stack.
Selling Tip: Advertise it as saving the time to get signatures etc and you will get buyers faster.

Selling lvl 25 Guilds no Achievements.

This type of guild will fetch you 40-60k depending on if you unlock any achievements while leveling it, who’s buying it and your sales pitch.

Pros: You get a decent chunk of gold for selling these and while leveling the guild you are making money also through challenges / gold looted. Since the changes to guild xp leveling a toon actually gives a ton of guild xp so you can level a toon if you would rather that vs more gold. There are always people starting ‘new end game raiding guilds’ and pvp guilds etc and its pretty easy to get a buyer for these.
Cons: In order to do this effectively you are going to need a big time investment especially if you don’t have a lot of people doing it with you.  Hard to find committed people with enough time on their hands to level a guild with you. More people you have you get less of a cut of the gold which is already only 40k.

Tip: If you can manage to get 5 people that instead of raiding or pvping are commited to guild leveling you can all make a ton of money knocking out the pvp dungeon and scenario challenges, if you are starting a level 1 guild do all the pvp challenges first to unlock the % of loot going to guild bank, then do the dungeons as a guild group.

Selling lvl 25 Guilds with Achievements.
The more time you invest in a guild the more money you are going to get for it, unlocking the xp banners, boa gear mounts, pets will all increase a guild’s value.
Pros: With the right achievements and buyer these can fetch anywhere between 50-200k. While unlocking these achievements you will be making gold also.

Cons: Some of these achievements are a big time investment for making an extra 10k. The more gold you’re trying to get for something in WoW the longer it takes to sell it, if you’re trying to get 200k this could take a few days.

Tip: A lot of the achievements simply require you getting more characters to a certain rep, if you all have 2 or 3 max level toons this is pretty quick to do.  If you each have multiple toons you can level the guild until honored on all your toons to avoid having to go back and level al their reps. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Server Transfer

I just transfered servers...again so it's going to take a few days to get things up and running in the mean time check out this Helpfull Wikky's Whistle guide.

Here is an awesome pre transfer picture, only brining one toon so I had to move what sells for most on new server, should have sharded all those epic legs for more space :/ I only made a few mistakes, but all the twink items I've bought for less than 20g over the past few months should turn into a nice profit, they sell 500-2000 depending on item on this high pop pvp server :D bring on the goldz

Saturday, November 24, 2012

WoW Prospector


Seriously check this link out! Just enter your server and it tells you which ore is selling for more than usual and which is selling for less than usual. This is good for two things:

If you play the AH like me and buy anything ore included that is below a certain price, this is a good way of quickly seeing which ore you should put up for sale today.

If you have mining you can quickly see what to mine to make the most gold!

Its just such a great website I thought more people should know about it!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Updated Verlok Strand!

I finally had time to give this video a revamp from its old cata guide. At level 90 you can make 7-12k in a hour of farming.

Now that I have a working mic expect more videos over the next couple weeks!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

WoW Gold

Sorry I have not been that active lately, moved cities and had trouble getting internet hooked up. All is well now though expect lots of updates over the next few days...if I can get my hands on a mic expect videos lots of videos have been filmed just need to record over them.