Saturday, December 8, 2012

Funding End Game Guilds Part 1

Over the next few weeks I will be writing some gold tips to help lvl 90 guilds make money to pay for repairs, enchants and eventually anything anyone needs, all the newest BoEs, lvling professions etc. Here is the first part of the guide. Note that obviously every guild is different and some of these won't work with your group, but if you find the ones that do they add up quite fast and in a small time frame the amount of gold in your vaults won't even cross your mind.

Guild Lottery: However you decide to run this it should be a small enough amount that everyone on your roster buys in every week, but big enough that the prize is not too small, really advertise that half the gold is going to the guild, a decent price is somewhere between 500-1000g.

Guild Raffle: If you have a larger guild or a guild with a very active community (not just logging on for raids) or even a website that your guild is active on, you can raffle off a special ‘position’ whether it includes a in guild rank or not is up to you. For example you can run a week or month long special featuring a guild member on your guild site featuring some random facts (how long they played/been in guild, favourite raid include some screen shots of them and or whatever they want)If you do not have a player base that is interested in this you can select a few semi rare items sell lots of raffle tickets each with a number attached, do a roll the person who bought that number wins first pick, second pick etc. Vent channels also work good for this.

Guild Auction House: This requires 1 or 2 members with lots of time on their hands and the knowledge to make gold off the auction house. Give them access to the guild funds and tab or two, make it their job to buy and sell mats for the guild bank. Have them learn who can make what and send mats to craft items from guild members where there is no ‘tip’ associated with the cost and resell the final products. Even something as simple as having someone check every chance they get for below average price mats for flasks/ feasts/ potions every day will save a bit of money every day and gold saved every day adds up quickly. If your Guild Auctioneer is active and good he should be able to make more than enough to cover repair costs every day.

Sell Carries: If you are a pvp guild sell ratings carries, if you are a pve guild sell a raid slot MSV should be easy enough to 9man by now. As you progress and more content is released stay on top of the old content you have just mastered, sell runs that give mounts / titles, if you can sell a heroic mode kill you will get even more gold.

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