Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Verlok Strand

If your class/spec was not able to farm here during cata it would look as if your luck has changed! Pretty much everyone and anyone can farm here now, you might be asking what is the point of farming cata mobs when theres a whole new world out there to explore! Its simple, cata mats are in high demand and you can slaughter these troggs unmercifully. They respawn pretty much instant 10-20 seconds after you kill them, and if your tailoring and/or have a Potion of Treasure finding buff you can make 10k gold a hour under ideal circumstances. That is not on a pvp server with people trying to kill you and not competing with other farmers, bags are emptied prior to flying there and you have some decent sized bags. I am working on a updated level 90 video but you will get the idea from this video, watch and learn and collect your gold!

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