Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Cash Using the Horde AH (As Alliance)

Okkay well here are 2 very easy tricks to make a solid amount of gold. First of all the Recipe Moongraze Tenderloin sells for 1500g on the Horde AH, some servers you can get all the way up to 3k for it. This is obtained through a lvl 4 draenai quest so create your new toons farm the recipie (take 15minutes) Then transfer it through a neutral AH to the horde side and collect cash. Now the problem with this is that you cannot post lots of them at once, its 1 at a time and usually only 1 per day so to make the hassle of transfering goods to the opposing faction you are going to make it worth while. Send 4 or 5 recipes at a time as well as 20-30 non combat Cats and 50 non combat Moth Eggs. These sell for 25-50g and will sell all the time quickly and will make it worth logging on a horde toon.

Remember it either takes 2 accounts to transfer goods or the person who posted the auctions on the neutral AH must be deleted (so make a brand new toon)

-Cheers and Good Luck

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