Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tailoring - Frostweave

Frostweave Bags, like netherweave bags these are just as easy to sell and just as easy to make a quick dollar off. The problem is that frostweave is overpriced 9 days out of 10, what you are looking for is frostweave that is 30g a stack or less then you will buy enough to make a bag and you will sell the frostweave bags for anywhere between 125g-150g if they are cheaper then that then wait a day and post yours for more. You also have to buy the infinite dust to make the bag you will need 12, I would recommend buying a couple abyss crystals, shattering them and keeping the dust for your bags while selling the essences but it is up to you how you want to get a hold of these.

Remember bags sell hourly so the normal rules about flooding don't really apply, I usually post 10 bags at a time and they will all sell.


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