Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heavenly Shard Shuffle

Hello I am going to explain a very easy way to make gold with no chance of losing gold and the more gold you have the more you can make with this very simple technique.

The materials to make a stormforged shoulders are 2 folded obsidium and 8 elementium bars in total you will need 16 elementium ore and 8 obsidium ore. On my server you can get these mats for roughly 50-60g on the weekends and during the raid week tuesday - thursday Heavenly shards are always near 100g so I sell mine for 85 in stacks of 20 and they sell pretty quickly, not only do you make 20-30g profit per shard, but you do get a chance to get extra procs, you usually end up getting a extra shard from 1 in 6 disenchants.

Hope it helps.

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