Sunday, March 18, 2012

Heavenly Shard Shuffle Continued.

This is simply a couple more ways to make gold off of Heavenly Shards. First of all since you will already be spending a fair amount of time at the AH picking up materials why not add these to your list: 4x Amberjewel 8x volatile water to createVicious Amberjewel Band which can also be sharded and have a slightly better chance to get 2 than the Stormforged gear. 
The other thing you want to do is just check the AH for heavenly shards and small heavenly shards, on the weekend they drop to 70g/20g on my server, if you are selling stacks of shards at a time you might as well pick up these ones and make a bit of quick easy gold when you sell the shards you got from disenchanting during the raid week.
Remember the key to this is making sure to post them at the right time so you get more than they are actually worth. Tuesday- Thursday are usually the best days but that might be different on your server. 

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