Monday, October 8, 2012

A Guide to AoE Looting in Pandaria

What you are doing here is simple, gathering up hoards of easy to aoe down hozen with a potion of luck on, when you kill a hozen in this area one will instantly respawn somewhere in the area, sometimes right beside you and other times the other side of the beach, because of this you MUST clear the pirate ship or it will reduce the amount of mobs on the beach there can get up to 6 hozen on the sails alone!

In just this 10 minute video
I looted - 30g
3 Black Trillium Ore -- 225g
2 White Trillium Ore -- 170g
3 Pieces of Windwool Cloth -- 6g
18 bolts of Windwool Cloth turned into Contender's Silk Cuffs and disenchanted to give 2 Ethreal Shards which are disenchanted into Mysterious Essences to give -- 300g
1 Green to ah -- 50g 
8 Ghost Iron Ore -- 52g

833g in just 10 minutes!

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  1. The prices are a little outdated now but you can still make some decent cash doing this!